Humet Study

The Human Metabolome (HuMet) Study was performed as a pilot study for the MuFuMet consortium. It is a highly controlled human trial, which was conducted in the Human Study Center (HSC) in Weihenstephan.

The aims of this study are

  • to investigate the "normal" variation of the metabolome in healthy human subjects in response to several defined interventions,
  • to combine and integrate metabolomics data from several different analytical platforms in order to generate a comprehensive dataset and
  • to establish cooperation between analytical experts in the Munich area and to cross-validate different methods from the partner labs.

For this study, 15 young and metabolically healthy men were recruited with a very narrow age range (22 – 33 years) and normal BMI (20 – 25 kg/m2).

The volunteers underwent 4 different nutritional interventions as well as a physical exercise and a stress test over the time course of 4 days. For each volunteer 56 blood plasma samples, 25 urine samples, 32 breath condensate and breath samples were collected during the study.

Aliquots of the collected samples have been or will be analyzed in 9 partner laboratories on different analytical platforms, namely PTR-MS, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, GCxGC-MS, FT-ICR-MS and NMR. When finished, the analyses will yield qualitative and quantitative information on some 400 metabolites. Preliminary results are expected in June 2009.