TUM - Lehrstuhl für Ernährungsphysiologie


Prof. Dr. Hannelore Daniel: daniel@wzw.tum.de
Dr. Manuela Rist: m.rist@wzw.tum.de
Gabriele Schmidt: gschmidt@wzw.tum.de

Analytical Tools
Amino acid analysers, HPLC
MALDI-TOF (Bruker Autoflex)

What we do:

Nutritional Systems Biology

Mammalian metabolism is the expression of a continuum of adaptational changes to a rapidly (in time and quantity) changing supply of energy, macro- and micronutrients and non-nutritional components of foods. Nutritional systems biology could be defined as the approach to understand the key processes that regulate metabolism at all levels of complexity, to simulate it and to predict the outcome of any alteration of the system. Nutritional systems biology starts at the molecular and cellular levels and takes the regulatory processes onto the level of the interorgan flow of information and metabolites to describe most comprehensively the organismic response and the processes quantitatively in mathematical terms.