LipoFIT Analytic GmbH - Regensburg

PD Dr. Werner Kremer

Analytical Tools

LipoFIT is equipped with a company owned, 600 MHz BRUKER AVANCE II+ Spectrometer with a TXI probe and a BEST system/4mm-FISEI (flow probe)

Additionally the following spectrometers are available:
a 600 MHz BRUKER AVANCE TXI CryoProbe,
a 800 MHz BRUKER AVANCE TCI CryoProbe,
And a 900 MHz BRUKER AVANCE equipped with CryoProbe, one of the worlds highest field strength spectrometers available. Full access to all the facilities and equipment is ensured by contractually determined terms of usage. With this equipment large scale medical studies can be performed in (almost) no time. Spectra at the highest possible resolution, as needed in fast 3D structure elucidation of macromolecules can be recorded as well.

What we do:

We provide state of the art NMR analysis services

For all sample preparation procedures we provide a fully equipped biochemical laboratory. A liquid handling system allows fast and precise sample processing.
So you have the possibility to outsource complex and time consuming sample preparation procedures. We perform series of titrations or time dependent experiments according to your requirements. Of course you will receive a detailed report of every step in sample preparation to provide you with all the documentation you may require.