Helmholtz Zentrum München, Institut für Ökologische Chemie


Priv. Doz. Dr. Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin

Analytical Tools
ICR-FT/MS (12 Tesla, ESI, APLI)
cESILI, SDLI), NMR (500MHz Cryoprobe)

What we do:

The “molecular BioGeochemistry” group has leading expertise in the description of complex systems in Biology and organic Geochemistry based on foremost knowledge in analytical chemistry (separation sciences, spectroscopy, spectrometry, hyphenation, small volume handling). A goal is the description of the molecular diversity in these various organic systems as well as their time and space variations using non linear statistics and novel visualisation tools.

Environmental Metabolomics approaches in organic geochemistry projects are related to early diagenesis as well as biotic and abiotic environmental processes.

Within biological and life science metabolomics, non targeted approaches, lead to escribe phenotype responses of various organisms on a molecular level into pathways (i.e. MassTRix interface developed together with Prof. K. Suhre, LMU/HMGU).

Within health and clinical metabolomics a focal point is the discovery of new disease related biomarkers (peptides and small molecules) from various body fluids. A focus is set on metabolite markers using non invasive sampling techniques and personal care in the fields of diabetes and insulin resistance, stem cells, transplantation and depressions.